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Reform of Pension System

Implementation of reform to pension system has as result the transfer of responsibility on the employers and the employees indirectly, in order that the Pension reaches a satisfactory standard.

UNMIK Regulation on Pensions 2001/35 and in addition Regulation 2005/20 and in addition law no. 04-L-101 has made possible the change of pension system to be divided into three pillars. First pillar consists of a pension that is financed by Kosovo budget, which is same for both genders.

Age to gain the right on pension is 65 years. Due to lack of first pillar according to classification made by World Bank in Kosovo, it was necessary to establish a pension fund that would fill in the spaces of first pillar. In year 2002, in Kosovo was established KPST (Kosovo Pension Saving Trust) which covers this void and functions based on compulsory scheme. In addition to pension reform, Regulation 2005/20 has foreseen also the establishment of supplementary funds by the employers and supplementary individual funds. These funds comprise the third pillar, which is supported by the state through tax relief for employer and employee who save in this scheme.

This increases the role of the third pillar - supplementary pension insurance, which makes easy other types of pension insurance and transfers the responsibility by ensuring adequate pension on the employer and its employees. Third pillar is supported by state through big tax relief.

Supplementary pension insurance is an integral part in the policy of salary in an enterprise/institution

Supplementary pension insurance will be responsibility of the employers and its employees. They must further to this join the pension plan which will be managed (administered) by financial institutions as pension specialized companies are. Supplementary collective pension insurance foresees tax relief for employer as well as employees. Further to this, pension insurance can be integrated in the employer bonus and can be a motivation element for employees, as it is considered as an addition to salary.

Implementation of new pension system is the first step in pension reform. In the future, supplementary voluntary pension insurance will represent a greater part of pension sources.

Pension pillars in Kosovo

First Pillar:
It is a Base Pension, where the government of Kosovo from its budget pays a pension to each Kosovar citizen over the age of 65 years.

Second Pillar:
Pension of individual savings-that is compulsory contribution to TRUST (5% employer 5% employee)

Third Pillar:
Supplementary pension system stimulated by tax relief.

There are two types of supplementary funds:

Supplementary Employee Fund
Supplementary Individual Fund (FONDI)
Pension System