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On 31/12/2016 Prva Group had:

437.822 insurants
€ 659 million assets under management

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Fondi Slloveno-Kosovar i Pensioneve
str. Ukshin Hoti 45/10
10000 Prishtinė, Kosovė

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Persons who can join the supplementary collective pension insurance can enter through these methods:

A. Collectively - when contribution is paid only by employer
B. Combined - when contribution is paid together by employer and employee  
C. Individually - when contribution is paid only by employees

Supplementary collective pension insurance (SCPS) represents one of two entry forms and implementation of supplementary pension schemes.

Subject to categories of persons who wish to join the fund, Pension Plan of FONDI provides also collective entry schemes for all employees all over Kosovo, through the institution or the enterprise where they are employed.

The employees, based on pension plan, can join collectively supplementary pension schemes on free will and by having their employers previously approve this pension plan and oblige to pay the total or the partial pension contribution on their behalf.

Supplementary collective pension insurance (for employers and employees) can be implemented in these ways:

The employer accepts to pay the pension contributions for its employees in height of up to 10% on their gross salaries; and
The employer and the employees (insurant) agree to contribute up to 20% of their salary (each by 10%).

Pension plan of FONDI, in its articles, has also foreseen the conditions and legal requirements that derive from FONDI implementation.

The employer enters into FONDI in order to:

Accept the conditions of supplementary pension insurance, determined by pension plan, as pension plan conditions that will be financed in the future; and
For employees (the insurants), who through it join collectively this pension plan, states that it will totally or partially pay the pension contribution.

The employer and FONDI enter into entry contract on pension plan.
Entry contract between FONDI and the Employer contains these parameters:

Data about both contracting parties
Statement that the Employer agrees to entry conditions to Pension Plan
Data on contribution accepted to be paid by the Employer for all of its employees (the employee previously authorizes the employers on payment of pension contribution)

Employer must attach to Entry contract to Pension Plan, entry contracts of employees, who will collectively enter through it into this Pension Plan.
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