On 31/12/2016 Prva Group had:

437.822 insurants
€ 659 million assets under management

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Fondi Slloveno-Kosovar i Pensioneve
str. Ukshin Hoti 45/10
10000 Prishtinė, Kosovė

Phone: +383 38 22 00 31

e-mail: info@fskp.eu

                          038 22 00 31
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Pension calculator
On "Pension Calculator", except pension calculation can be seen the total amount paid by the insured during savings and the total amount saved at the retirement moment. The amount monthly age pension in calculator is shown for two genders, male and female.
Lifetime Pension Calculator
Kalkulatori FSKP.xls
Current Age  Yrs.
Retirement Age   Yrs.
Savings Period   Yrs.
Monthly Contribution   Euro
Lump sum payment at the beginning of savings period   Euro
Lump sum payment at the end of savings period   Euro
Total amount paid by insured during savings  Euro
Total amount saved at retirement moment  Euro
Monthly Age Pension (Male)   Euro
Monthly Age Pension (Female) Euro

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