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Fondi Slloveno-Kosovar i Pensioneve
str. Ukshin Hoti 45/10
10000 Prishtinė, Kosovė

Phone: +383 38 22 00 31


                          038 22 00 31
Welcome to web site of Slovenian-Kosovo Pension Fund, Institution which is dealing with management of your pension savings, and which has been operating in Kosovo since 2006, licensed by the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, in order to operate as a supplementary pension fund.

In the Fund web page, you can find lots and useful information on the pension system in Kosovo, as well as other information on methods how you can start to save voluntarily effective from now for your pension through FONDI. Our goal is to increase the amount of savings of our members, to protect their interests, and invest funds so as we have a better and safer return in investments.

Becoming a member of pension fund is a long term saving, therefore is the best way to assure old age with no worries. All your payments in the pension plan are available in your account which you have with FONDI, and you may have access at all times electronically by clicking in "My account", in the Fund's web site. Every individual may become a member of FONDI, including companies willing to offer better conditions for their staff, which means that these companies may pay pension insurance for their staff.

Prva Group from Slovenia, along with Dukagjini Corporation, have founded the Slovenian-Kosovo Pension Fund, counting over 510.225 members. Prva Group manages and owns those pension funds (Slovenia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia). 

On 31/12/2019 Prva Group had:

510.225  insurants
€1 billion, assets under management

08 June 2010 - Vacancy Announcement - Accounting & Finance Officer
23 July 2009 - American Chamber of Commerce hosted the conference with the theme "Developing of capital market"
16 Janar 2009 - Interview of Dardan Sejdiut given KosovaNews Interview in PDF format
10 July 2008 - Mr.Sejdiu and Mr.Mikulic meets with the Slovene Ambasador in Republic of Kosovo
26 June 2008 - General Assembly of FONDI Shareholders
04 June 2008 - Through Banka Ekonomike, FONDI closer to you
21 May 2008 -  Head of Supervisory Board of FONDI received the EBRD reward
16 Aprill 2008 - Mr.Sejdiu meets head of Monetary Fund in Kosovo
01 Aprill 2008 - Mr.Sejdiu meets Mr.Lutfi Zharku, Minister in the Ministry of Trade and Industry
07 November 2007 - Insurance holding company Prva Group
03 October 2007 - EBRD supports pension fund PRVA's expansion in south eastern Europe

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